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3 hiking spots near Nuuk

 Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk


Looking for your first hike into the trails of Nuuk? This is where you start.
Quassussaq is the easiest mountain route that you can take as a new hiker as we use these hills for skiing in the winter.
This means that you can follow the ski lift up and never be afraid that you will get lost, and your phone and internet service will be cover the whole route.

If you are still unsure on walking in the mountains by yourself, there is a group called “walk away cancer” that hikes up Quasussaq every tuesday
Walk away cancer facebook group

In the winter
As mentioned before, this specific route is used as our skiing area, which means that it can be packed by skiing and snowboarding nuummiuts!

So you can’t follow the ski lift as you can in the summer, so you have to walk between the skiing tracks, or on the right side of the lift.

But it is an amazing place to hike in the winter because the slopes have been prepared by machines, and you can still follow the normal route when the ski lift closes around 18:00.
It gets very dark in the winter so bring a headlamp, and a camera at the top is an amazing place to enjoy the northern lights over Nuuk.

Fact 1
440 m / 1,380 ft

Fact 2
Quassussuaq means large mountain ridge

Fact 3
It is easily hikable all year

Fact 4
It is right next to the airport terminal

Quassussuaq hiking trail link
Peak visor route


Ukkusissaq has a lot of local culture behind it, it is one of the hardest routes you can take in the city area, and many people say that you are not a true nuummiut before you have seen the view from the peak yourself.
The most important thing to remember about this route, is to follow the orange / red dots that have been painted on the rocks.
These dots indicate the route that you should follow, please do not deviate from the trail as we have had cases where people have gotten lost, and needed to be retrieved by a helicopter.
This means that we do not recommend hiking Ukkusissaq in the winter alone as a beginner, as you can not see the trail spots.
This route is almost twice as high as Quasussuaq, but it is definitely steeper that multiplies the effort that you put into the hike, but there are many good spots to have a little snack break.
Both Ukkusissaq and Quasussuaq are very popular hiking routes, and you can expect to see a few locals on the trail, so if you are unsure on how to walk the trails, you can always wait for someone to go by and ask for advice, or follow someone in front of you.

Fact 1
772 m (2,533 ft)

Fact 2
Ukkusissaq means soapstone in Greenlandic, and it is the metamorphic rock that this and most other mountains in our fjord is made of

Fact 3
You can see the glacier from the kobberfjord from the top of Ukkusissaq

Fact 4
There are plans to make a tunnel through the mountain, to make create a road for a completely new part of the city “siorarsiorfik”

Fact 5
Not recommended when there is snow without special equipment and a guide

Ukusissaq hiking trail link
Peak visor route

Paradise valley

The fastest way out of the city into your private naturespace.

This is the spot you take yourself, your partner, family or business team to spend some hours in nature where the goal is to relax at the destination, rather than the hike being the focus.
The paradise valley is an area outside of Nuuk that with the development of the city has come closer and closer to us, today it is only 1.5 kilometers away from the nearest road, but back in the day it was so far away from the city that people went out there to hunt on day trips!.
You can find the trail to Paradise valley behind the detention center, you can find the road close to the airport,

There are different ways that you can go about the trip depending on your mood and travel partners.
If you want the trip to be longer you can walk from the inner city and get some miles in, but if you want to get there fast you can be dropped off by the detention center and walk from there, giving you more hours to spend at your destination.

If you want to spend more time at the destination and shorten the walk, you can be dropped off by the detention center, the walk from here is only 30 minutes.

Ideas for your day at Paradise valley

  • Eat lunch or dinner in the valley
    Either by a fire or a portable stove, bring your best picnic food with you and have an amazing food experience in nature
  • Fishing
    The shore is a great place to try your luck at catching your dinner, but as the waters are shallow, it is best to use a spinner for these conditions, so you can throw your lure further out where the fish lives, rather than hoping that they will come to you.
    There is a river close by and some have been lucky catching fish with their bare hands, but that is easier to do in rivers like the salmon river near Kapisillit.
  • Team building for your business partners or family
    Paradise valley is popularly used to bring people together, as the closeness to the city and the wide areas, are great sorroundings for fun games and team building exercises
  • Stay the night in a tent
    If you are in no rush to get back, bring a tent with you and sleep in nature. It can be some of the best sleep you ever had, but you must bring a proper sleeping bag and a good quality sleeping pad. It can be hard finding the perfect spot to sleep on, as there are many patches of small rocks and hard vegetation, and a good sleeping pad will just make your experience that much better.

Have fun out there, but remember to always tell family or friends where you are going, and when you are expecting to be back, you never know if you are in a sudden need of help.

Hiking spot link
Peak visor spot

Magnus billede

Magnus Biilmann Trolle

Born and raised in Nuuk, photographer, musician