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Everything you need to know about Nuuk

Photo – Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Nuuk is located in the western region of Greenland, the world’s largest island. The city is rapidly growing and evolving into the modern capital of Greenland. We live in close relationships with each other, greeting one another on the streets with a smile. It is deeply rooted in our culture to be open and welcoming to new faces as well as old ones. Today, Nuuk offers all the amenities of any other modern capital. We go to the cinema, attend concerts, and have coffee at the local café. Furthermore we live close to nature, which is and always has been, a crucial part of our way of living. Welcome to Nuuk.

Nuuk Wiki offers comprehensive insights into Greenland’s dynamic capital. Read some facts about Nuuk!

Explore how Nuuk leads in sustainability, blending modern living with respect for nature.

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Explore Nuuk Wiki for a comprehensive and factual exploration of Greenland’s dynamic capital city.

Nuuk’s size:

690 km2 – 428 sq miles


64°10′53″N 51°41′39″W

Time zone:

GMT -3


Nuuk - 3900, Nuussuaq - 3905

Closest settlements:

Kapisillit lies within Nuuk Fjord with around 40 permanent citizens


DKK - Danish Krone. Card payment available everywhere


Sermersooq Municipality is the largest municipality in the world, spanning Nuuk, Paamiut and East Greenland and several settlements around the coast


Nuuk fjord is the second largest fjord in the world, and is filled with adventure, available all seasons by boat and snowmobile in the winter

City areas


Inner city area, this is the oldest and largest part of the city, you will find most hotels and shops here


Started development in the 1970-ies you will find the airport and indoor swimming pools here


The newest city section that started development in 2005, over 3.000 people live here

Emergency numbers

Fire brigade:



+299 70 14 48


+299 34 40 00


Nuuk offers convenient public WiFi access in various locations, including cafes, libraries, and hotels. This connectivity supports tourists and locals alike, facilitating easy access to information and communication. Visitors can find WiFi hotspots around the city, ensuring they remain connected during their stay.


Kaffivik cafe serves and roasts their own high-quality coffee in Nuuk (maybe even in all of Kalaallit Nunaat), they also have ‘free Wifi.’ This is the perfect place to sip your freshly made coffee while surfing the internet for things to do in Nuuk.

The Nuuk Public Library serves as a cultural and informational epicenter. It not only provides a vast collection of books and resources but also hosts various community events and exhibitions. Visitors can access reading materials, internet services, and learn about Greenlandic culture. The library’s role in community engagement and education makes it a must-visit for those interested in local life and history. For more on library services and events, visit their official website.

In Nuuk, taxis offer a convenient and flexible mode of transportation. They are especially useful for direct travel to specific destinations, at times when public buses are not in service or when traveling with luggage. Taxi services in Nuuk are known for their reliability and safety. The city has several taxi companies, and taxis can be hailed on the street, booked by phone, or through hotel concierge services. Most taxi drivers speak Greenlandic and often English or Danish, aiding communication with international visitors. For longer trips outside the city or for special sightseeing tours, it’s recommended to book in advance. Remember, during peak hours or special events, it’s advisable to book a taxi ahead of time to avoid delays. Taxi fares in Nuuk are regulated and metered, ensuring fair pricing.

For seamless taxi booking in Nuuk, utilize convenient mobile apps available for both Android and iPhone devices.

People crossing the road on a snowy afternoon in December during rush hour. Photo Rebecca Gustafsson - Visit Greenland

Nuuk’s bus system is an efficient and economical way to explore the city. The buses cover major areas, providing a reliable means of transport for both locals and tourists. Bus routes connect key attractions, residential areas, and commercial zones, making them a practical choice for navigating Nuuk. Bus schedules are designed to accommodate the needs of daily commuters as well as visitors. The buses are comfortable, and routes are clearly marked with stops and timetables, which are available online and at bus stations.

Additionally, buses in Nuuk are a great way to experience the city like a local, offering insights into daily life. Payment options on buses typically include cash and sometimes digital payments, and it’s advisable to have small denominations for convenience. Regular updates on bus services and any route changes can be found on Nuuk’s public transport website or local tourism information centers.

In Nuuk, the linguistic landscape is as diverse as its culture. Greenlandic, the official language, is an integral part of the city’s identity. Danish and English are also widely spoken, making it easier for international visitors to communicate. Language plays a key role in understanding the cultural nuances of Nuuk. Visitors interested in a deeper cultural immersion often find language classes or online resources beneficial.

These classes not only teach the language but also offer insights into local customs and history. Additionally, many cultural events in Nuuk include Greenlandic traditions and language, offering a unique opportunity for tourists to experience the essence of Greenland’s heritage. The use of multiple languages in signage, information centers, and public services underscores Nuuk’s commitment to inclusivity and cultural richness.

Nuuk’s climate is predominantly subarctic, characterized by cold winters and cool summers. The city experiences significant seasonal variations in temperature, with long, dark winters and brief, mild summers. This climate results in unique natural phenomena, such as the stunning Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. Visitors should prepare for rapidly changing weather conditions, which can include snow, rain, and wind.

Dressing in layers and carrying waterproof gear is advisable. Keeping track of the local weather forecast is crucial for outdoor activities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. The distinct seasons also offer diverse opportunities, from winter sports to summer hiking, each requiring appropriate attire and preparation.

Road infrastructure in Nuuk is well-developed, connecting the city’s various districts and key locations. The roads are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, with maintenance being a priority to ensure safety and accessibility year-round. During winter, roads are regularly cleared of snow, but visitors should still exercise caution due to potential icy conditions.

Car rentals are available for those wishing to explore independently, and local traffic laws should be observed for safe driving. Signage is typically in Greenlandic and Danish, with some English. The city’s compact size makes it ideal for exploring by car, offering scenic drives and easy access to surrounding areas.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nuuk?

Nuuk is in the mid-western part of Greenland, right between Paamiut and Sisimiut

How to travel to Nuuk Greenland

Greenland is an island, the most common way to travel to the country is flying.  There are two airports that travel to Greenland now, Copenhagen airport and Keflavik airport. The Airlines are Iceland Air and Air Greenland.

If you travel from Copenhagen you need to stop at a hub station in Greenland called Kangerlussuaq and get into a smaller plane from there to Nuuk. But this is included in the ticket so you don´t need to book separate tickets to travel to Nuuk

If you fly from Keflavik, you fly directly to Nuuk

Where to stay in Nuuk

Nuuk has many options for accomodations ranging from hotels to rentable apartments, visit our accomodation page to explore your options

Business travel in Nuuk

As the largest city in Greenland, Nuuk comes with many options for business related activies in the city

Places that offer conference rooms are

Hotel Hans egede

Greenland Escape

Inuk Hostels


If you need larger facilities that can house several hundreds of people you can look at

Inussivik and Godthåbhallen our stadiums

And the open spaces of our cultural center Katuaq


Nuuk is known as the smallest metropolitan city in the world, the keyword here is small, which means that the city can be susceptible to stress.

Sustainability pledge

Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, became EarthCheck certified based on criteria formulated by GSTC. This means that throughout every sector we are looking to improve economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects.


Opening up to the world

In 2024, Nuuk will open its new international airport and welcome direct visitors from all over the world.


AECO is the association of arctic expedition cruise operators who in their own words exists “To ensure that expedition cruises and tourism in the Arctic is carried out with the utmost consideration for the vulnerable, natural environment, local cultures and cultural remains, as well as the challenging safety hazards at sea and on land.”

The city of Nuuk has in collaboration with AECO created community guidelines on how to act sustainably in nature, around our culture.

Photo – Rebecca Gustafsson , Visit Greenland

Local Tips

Recommendations on what to experience in Nuuk, straight from the locals! In the section below, you can filter what you want to know, from practical tips to adventures. All recommendations come directly from locals, ensuring you experience the city like a resident. Here you’ll find everything from the best place to get your coffee to hidden gems for hiking in the backcountry.


Nuuk Stories

Dive deeper into the local culture through the Nuuk Stories section. All the stories aim to provide you with the most authentic perspectives on what our home has to offer. We hope that these stories enhance your knowledge and expectations of Nuuk today and shed light on how the city is developing in the future.

Map of Nuuk

Experience Nuuk like never before with our comprehensive and user-friendly map, now available for download – let the wonders of Nuuk unfold before you.