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Everything you need to know about Nuuk

Photo – Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Nuuk is located in the western region of Greenland, the largest island in the world. The city is rapidly growing and evolving to become the modern capital of Greenland.

Here we live in close relationships with one another, we greet each other on the streets with a smile and a nod, we acknowledge one another and maybe even give a hearty hello. It is a deep-rooted part of our culture to be open and welcoming to new faces just as well as old ones. We are warm people that will welcome you, as a friend in our beautiful city and country.

This is what it means to ‘Visit Nuuk.” It is a warm embrace. An acknowledgment that we see you. Nuuk in Kalaallisut means a cape. Not a superhero cape or a dress cape. But a cape of Greenland, a far-reaching metropolis stretching into the vast ocean. We will be your cape, your destination at the top of the world. Visit Nuuk and experience what folds this cape, how the wind interacts with it, and feel the textures of the fabric. Find out what it means to live in the arctic, in close proximity to the beautiful sloping fiords of untamed nature, tall mountains, and deep waters. We have opportunities for everyone, for every person you are, or would like to be, in every fold, a new adventure awaits to be discovered and shared. Whether you are curious about the culture, the Inuit myths, and beliefs, or want to experience the Arctic city life, we welcome you. We have amenities such as our 4-star hotels, and coffee made in the Arctic, or visit one of our many bars and take in the vibrant nightlife, sharing cocktails at the skyline bar. 


+299 34 40 00
+299 70 14 48
Fire brigade
+299 55 56 09

If you want to go angling in the fiords, use your hands, and truly feel what it means to ‘fish and dish.’ Or maybe you want to challenge yourself against the elements of Greenlandic nature, camp below the stars and the northern lights, or climb the tallest mountains. From the mountains, you can experience the beautiful bright burning orange and pink sunset of the Arctic. Whatever you decide, you will have an adventure of a lifetime when you Visit Nuuk.

We are proud to live in Nuuk, and all that we have accomplished. We have a vast cast of talented people with different passions and occupations who have been nurtured by the opportunities provided by Nuuk. A gymnasium, a university, museums, football fields, skate parks, fitness centers, and much more.

We have many people with creative minds and the strength to share their knowledge with you. Come and see our sculptures, Sassuma Arnaa at sea, a testament to our relationship with nature. And also, Kaassassuk, a symbol of power in front of the government of Greenland. Whether you would like to put your mind to a canvas or on stage, compete for the strongest or fastest person, develop your sports skills, or further your education, Nuuk is a mentor and a friend, your guiding hand. We hope to one day meet, and I’m sure that together we will both grow and share.

Nuuk Wiki

Nuuk’s size:

690 km2 – 428 sq miles

Municipality Population:

23.211 in Q3 2022

Closest settlements:

Kapisillit lies within Nuuk Fjord with around 40 permanent citizens

Time zone:

GMT -3


DKK Danish currency

Card payment available everywhere


Nuuk 3900

Nuussuaq 3905

City areas:

Nuuk – Inner city area, this is the oldest and largest part of the city, you will find most hotels and shops here

Nuussuaq – Started development in the 1970-ies you will find the airport and indoor swimming pools here

Qinngorput – The newest city section that started development in 2005, over 3.000 people live here


Sermersooq Municipality is the largest municipality in the world, spanning Nuuk, Paamiut and East Greenland and several settlements around the coast


Nuuk fjord is the second largest fjord in the world, and is filled with adventure, available all seasons by boat and snowmobile in the winter

Map of Nuuk

Experience Nuuk like never before with our comprehensive and user-friendly map, now available for download – let the wonders of Nuuk unfold before you.

Nuuk – Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most common questions

Where is Nuuk?

Nuuk is in the mid-western part of Greenland, right between Paamiut and Sisimiut

How to travel to Nuuk Greenland

Greenland is an island, the most common way to travel to the country is flying.  There are two airports that travel to Greenland now, Copenhagen airport and Keflavik airport. The Airlines are Iceland Air and Air Greenland.

If you travel from Copenhagen you need to stop at a hub station in Greenland called Kangerlussuaq and get into a smaller plane from there to Nuuk. But this is included in the ticket so you don´t need to book separate tickets to travel to Nuuk

If you fly from Keflavik, you fly directly to Nuuk

Where to stay in Nuuk

Nuuk has many options for accomodations ranging from hotels to rentable apartments, visit our accomodation page to explore your options

Business travel in Nuuk

As the largest city in Greenland, Nuuk comes with many options for business related activies in the city

Places that offer conference rooms are

Hotel Hans egede

Greenland Escape

Inuk Hostels


If you need larger facilities that can house several hundreds of people you can look at

Inussivik and Godthåbhallen our stadiums

And the open spaces of our cultural center Katuaq

Nuuk – Sustainability

Nuuk is known as the smallest metropolitan city in the world, the keyword here is small, which means that the city can be susceptible to stress. A large group of visitors has the potential to strain our infrastructure. That is why we hope and work towards you visiting us outside the high traffic seasons, to alleviate some of the stress. Our dream is to not have any fluctuating seasons, but a constant 70% capacity throughout the year, this will create a foundation for a reliable tourism economy and higher job security.
Sustainability pledge

Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, became EarthCheck certified based on criteria formulated by GSTC. This means that throughout every sector we are looking to improve economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects.

Opening up to the world
In 2024, Nuuk will open its new international airport and welcome direct visitors from all over the world.

To prepare Nuuk for the new international airport, we have teamed up with EarthCheck who is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism.

Data driven approach
Sermersooq Business collects relevant data from Nuuk relating to sustainability. This data has been analyzed by EarthCheck, where EarthCheck compares Nuuk’s data with similar destinations.

Silver certified
On August 31st 2021 Nuuk celebrated becoming Silver Certified by EarthCheck. This is an important step on a data-driven journey towards sustainability.


AECO is the association of arctic expedition cruise operators

who in their own words exists “To ensure that expedition cruises and tourism in the Arctic is carried out with the utmost consideration for the vulnerable, natural environment, local cultures and cultural remains, as well as the challenging safety hazards at sea and on land.”

The city of Nuuk has in collaboration with AECO created community guidelines on how to act sustainably in nature, around our culture.

Read about the cummunity guidelines here

Photo – Mads Pihl, Visit Greenland

Nuuk – Practical information

Nuuk is an interesting city, we are a fun melting pot of old and new and growing more and more multicultural.



In Nuuk the primary language is Greenlandic, a language that has a lot of similarities to the Inuktitut language spoken by our fellow natives in Canada, these languages are so close to each other that we can understand most of what is said in a conversation.

The second language of Nuuk is Danish, which are taught in our school very early, and because we are still a part of the Danish kingdom

English is also spoken by many, it is both taught in our school very early, and we consume a lot of media in english. So if you can’t speak greenlandic or danish it will still be very easy for you to communicate.


Our hottest temperature has been recorded in the month of July and is 22.2 Celsius (72 F)

The coldest month is in February where it gets as cold as -25 c (-13 F), so it is very important to bring your warmest clothes.

Midnight sun

As we are very close to the arctic circle, we can enjoy the midnight sun in the summer, this means that the sun never goes down! If you think about moving here, it is very important to get good quality black our curtains for this period, to ease your sleep.

But what about the winter? Nuuk lies in the perfect spot in Greenland, as we can enjoy the sun all summer and in the winter we still get to enjoy the sun for around 4 hours. If you get further north in Greenland that sun does not come up for several months, a cool experience if you are looking for new dark sky tours.

From Nuuk to other cities

If you wish to travel to other cities in Greenland you have to fly with Air Greenland or sail with one of our many operators, there are no connecting roads to any of the cities.

Roads in Nuuk

But there are plenty of roads in Nuuk, over 100 kilometers in fact, everything is within walking distance, but if you want to go faster you can take the bus, taxis, shuttle service, rent a car or a bike.

Why is Nuuk GOH when traveling?

All the cities have old danish names that was used before, and the danish name for Nuuk is Godthåb (the good hope, which is why when you fly to Nuuk the code for the city is GOH)

The national library of Greenland can be found downtown and is open for everyone, it is here you can read books about Greenland and any genre, there is also a large kid section for your family. The library also offers free wifi and you can use the public computers if you are in need.


Imaneq 26
Postbox 1011


Telefon: +299 32 11 56
Fax: +299 32 10 11

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday – 12:00-18:00
Saturday – 11:00 -14:00
Sunday – closed

All hotels in Nuuk offer wifi in the facilities

If you’re outside the hotel you can read our guide for free wifi in Nuuk

Free Wifi

Nuuk has two taxi companies to choose from:


+299 321 321

When you call you need to press a number to choose the area you are in, Nuuk, Nuussuaq or Qinngorput

They also have an app that you can download

The other taxi company is Nuuk Taxi

+299 363636

Nuup Bussii is the bus public transportation system that can take you anywhere you need to go. You can’t miss their large yellow buses with the green bus stops all over town. Here you can see the designated route for every bus in the city, and plan which buses take to your destination, take note of the days on the right side of the plan.

If you have trouble finding your busstop, you can find the closest busstop to you on google maps, as they are all marked.

You can also see the live position of your bus on this live view


Monday to Saturday

06:00 – 0:00 Sunday 07:20 – 00:00

Cash ticket:

  • Adults and seniors 20 DKK
  • Children ( 4 -11 years) 8 DKK


  • Adults and seniors 136 DKK
  • Children 56 DKK

Monthly card:

  • Adults DKK 556
  • Children 265 DKK
  • Seniors 265 DKK

Plan Your Trip

We are excited to meet you, and we hope that you have an amazing experience while you’re here. Let us help you figure out what to do in Nuuk.
There are many things to consider before traveling to our home in Greenland, but we have everything that you need to know on our site before traveling.
Where are we staying? Where are we eating? Where are we going? What are we doing?
Don’t worry we are here to help

Photo – Rebecca Gustafsson , Visit Greenland

Frederik Elsner


"Frederik Elsner is one of the most popular Greenlandic pop singers, both with his band, “Nanook” and his solo project F. He writes his own songs and sings in Greenlandic, with a voice that people of all kinds of nationalities resonate with even if they don’t understand the words."

Meet Locals

Read about the people that live in Nuuk, and who knows you might run into them while you’re here!

Bibi Chemnitz

Fashion brand owner

"BIBI CHEMNITZ is an iconic Inuk streetwear meets outdoor designer. Born and raised in Kalaallit Nunaat, she knows the importance of durable fashion that lasts season after season."