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Nuuk ‘Hangover foods’

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Nuuk ‘Hangover foods”

 Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk

You party animal!

You had a great time last night and now you are hangry for the perfect hangover foods.

While Nuuk doesn’t host classic fast food giants like McDonald’s & Burger King, fear not, as our Nuuk food guide will steer you through the best options for best hangover meals in Nuuk.

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk 

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk 

Center Grillen

Situated at the top of Aqqusinersuaq, this local favorite is known for its deliciously greasy food, making it a prime spot for Greenlandic comfort food. They offer budget-friendly burgers, hot dogs, and hearty sandwiches that hit the spot whether you choose to dine in or take away. It’s the perfect place where to eat after a night out in Nuuk. While you wait for your order, why not try your luck on one of their slot machines? Bonus: Centergrillen offers great backdrops for a spontaneous photoshoot!

Sunset Boulevard

This Danish chain restaurant serves up short-order favorites like burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes, complete with chili cheese tops! Settle into their diner-style booths or grab a paper bag to take your hangover cure in Nuuk wherever you wish. They are one of the few places in town with self-serve soda, offering a refreshing treat. Bonus: their menu includes vegetarian options, catering to all dietary preferences.

Iggu Pizza

Located behind Aqqusinersuaq you’ll find the popular pizza place, ‘Iggu Pizza.’ If you like your pizza spicey, Margherita, or with the eternally divisive pineapple, Iggu Pizza is your place to go. They offer gluten and lactose-free pizzas for those of you with intolerances and allergies. Bonus: iggu is something Greenlanders say when something is really cute (it’s pronounced similarly to the Spanish word hijo). Iggu!


Bones restaurant is located in Nuuk Center. It is a lunch favorite for the meat lovers of Nuuk. They offer reindeer, musk ox, or beef steaks and limitless salads. Their ribs have also been highly praised. It’s super easy to find and it has a fun American-style interior design. Bonus: if your hangover demands your sweet tooth be satisfied, you can add limitless soft ice to your order. Yum!

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk 

These spots are just a few highlights from our Nuuk food guide, catering to all your post-party needs. Remember, drink responsibly and stay hydrated! And to navigate these culinary gems with ease, be sure to refer to a walking map of Nuuk.


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