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Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2023

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Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2023

 Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

What is Nuuk Nordic Festival?

Since 2015 Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival has taken part in setting the standard for how far art and culture can go within the Nordic collaboration. Every other year since then, the capital of Greenland Nuuk has hosted one of the most honest, concentrated and inclusive platforms for artistic development, collaboration and inspiration. Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is a four day celebration of arts and culture in all forms – Melting together cultures, artforms and hearts.

Greenland is the Arctic window of the Nordic region. One of the goals of the festival is to showcase the best art and culture from Greenland to a visiting Nordic region and vice versa. The festival aim to host 50% Greenlandic and 50% Nordic artists.

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

The core values of the festival are:

The festival has a steering group that consists of four important partners: Nuuk Art Museum, Katuaq, The National Theater of Greenland and The Central Library of Greenland. These partners are part of the curating and creative process but also serve as main venues during the festival hosting a broad range of concerts, theater, dance, exhibitions, talks, literature and more. Outside of the main venues the festival offers a lot of events hosted outside of their normal comfort-zone. This will mean dance performances at a shopping mall, parades in unexpected places, concerts at elder homes and apartments and much more.

The festival is in the autumn but in 2023 it’s been moved to the month of May. This will enable us to host a much broader range of outdoor events which we are sure will be a blast to attend.

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is a festival for everyone and we make sure to have both popular and recognizable names on the poster, but also cater to the culture-aficionado. Even the youngster will have a dedicated stage for music and other artforms.

Every other year Nuuk Nordic offers a broad list of program-lineups with new multimodal productions that involve the audience in co-creation and participation which blurs the lines between entertainment and art, performer and spectator, audience and venue. The festival breaks down barriers, all to create a new framework where unexpected meetings and new relations can happen. The result of this is a many facetted program, created in a vulnerable process.


The next festival will take place May 25th-28th 2023 under the theme “UNITY”.

The core values of the festival are:

  • Nordic collaboration
  • Participation culture
  • Co-creation

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is initiated in 2015 and is owned by Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and NAPA, the Nordic Institute in Greenland

Facts: Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2019

– Was a week long celebration of greenlandic and nordic art and culture.

– Started oct. 7. and ended oct. 13.

– Offered many different forms of art ranging from music and dance to exhibitions, seminars, litterature, workshops, food etc. etc.

– Had more than 200 different artist from all over the north in the programme. Almost 50 percent of them are greenlandic artists and over 50 percent were women.

– Hosted artists from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Åland, Canada and USA. Even some from Australia and Iran.

– Was during the festival week among others run by around 75 volunteers.

– Young people under 16 had free entrance to the festival. Some events were free for all

– Nuuk Nordic in 2021 had 2500 participants and 170 artists from all the Nordic countries and 115 volunteers with events spread all over Nuuk.


Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq

Kuussuaq 2, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland



Jonas Nilsson
Project Manager