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Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2023

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Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2023

 Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

What is Nuuk Nordic Festival?

Since 2015 Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival has taken part in setting the standard for how far art and culture can go within the Nordic collaboration. Every second year since then, the capital of Greenland, Nuuk, has hosted one of the most honest, concentrated and inclusive platforms for artistic development, collaboration and inspiration. It is the biggest recurring cultural event in Greenland, and the core values of the festival are:

  • Nordic/Arctic Collaboration
  • Audience Participation
  • Co-Creation.

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival aims to break down barriers and create a new framework where unexpected meetings and new relations can happen. It is a four-day celebration of arts and culture in all forms – Melting together cultures, artforms and hearts. As a participant you can expect unique experiences that is influenced by the central location Nuuk has in the Arctic as well as the North.

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

The Arctic perspective is stronger than ever

Since the first festival in 2015, Nuuk Nordic Culture festival has had, as the name suggests, a strong Greenlandic and Nordic perspective. In 2023 we are proud to present an even wider perspective, as we this year welcome several artists from Canada, Alaska and Sápmi. Including both musicians, visual artists and as a Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival first, a virtual reality artist.

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival and Greenland as a whole, is located in the geographical periphery of the Nordic collaboration, but at the same time in the heart of the Arctic. This is the natural meeting point for both Arctic and Nordic artists, participants and industry professionals alike.

A Culture Festival for everyone

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is a festival for everyone and we make sure to have both popular and recognizable names on the poster, but also cater to the culture-aficionado.

In 2023 the festival furthermore presents a wide program for families, which will be tied together by a booklet for children with lots of fun activities while attending both the festival and some of Nuuk’s permanent cultural sites.

Photo – Dida G. Heilmann – AJA Pictures

Facts: Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2023

  • Starts on Thursday May 25th, and ends on Sunday May 28th
  • Offers a wide range of art forms, from music, dance and theater to exhibitions, seminars, workshops and more.
  • Venues are located all over Nuuk, with the majority of the program held in Katuaq, Nuuk Art Museum, The Central Library of Greenland and the National Theatre of Greenland. However there will also be several events outdoors and on other locations throughout the city
  • Hosts artists from all over Arctic and the Nordic countries
  • During the festival week, there will be approx. 100 volunteers and more than 2000 participants
  • See the full program and get your ticket at


Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq

Kuussuaq 2, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland




Jonas Nilsson

Project Manager