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Nuuk Snow Festival

 Photo – Cebastian Rosing – Réne Design

Are you looking for fun winter activities for your stay? Look no further!

In the beginning of March, the old colonial harbor in Nuuk transforms into a winter wonderland, when the annual Nuuk Snow Fest returns on March 2nd-5th. I highly recommend you stop by, if you’re in Nuuk at the time.

What I love about the festival is, that it’s reliant on the visitors, participants and volunteers. Without their contribution, there wouldn’t be a festival. The communities that form during the festival days is something completely unique, which people look forward coming back to each year.
I remember it being the highlight of the year, when I was a kid. It felt magical to walk around the giant sculptures in the snowy landscape. If you were lucky, some of the sculptures could be interacted with.

Photo – Cebastian Rosing – Réne Design

Photo – Cebastian Rosing – Rene Design

Photo – Cebastian Rosing – Réne Design

Want to join?

Around 16 teams consisting of 4 people per team competes in making the best snow sculpture. Around the festival site, visitors can enjoy watching the sculptures enfold, while walking around the beautiful scenery.
In the day time, the festival site booms with fun activities for kids and families. If you need to warm your hands with a cup of hot cocoa and fill your tummy with a piece of cake, there is also café at the festival site.
In the evening the cozy festival turns into a romantic scenery with concerts and light shows. It is the ideal place for a date or meeting up with a group of friends. The program for the festival will be out in February.

Photo – Cebastian Rosing – Réne Design

Free fun for all

The festival is free for everyone, which means it’s free to participate in the festival and in the competition as well. If you want to participate in the competition you can read the rules and how to enter below :
If you want to be a part of the festival community by helping out, it is also possible to volunteer.

Every form of help is appreciated and welcome.

For volunteers

For teams

Nuuk Sneskulpturfestival

The history of Nuuk Snow Fest

Nuuk Snow Fest has been back for the past 3 years after a long hiatus. The first time the festival took place was in 1994. Back then it was the first ever Snow Festival in all of Greenland!

The festival was initiated by Peter Barfoed from the architectural firm Tegnestuen Nuuk A/S, who also planned the festival for a large part of the first 15 years it was held in Nuuk. In a few years Nuuk Snow Fest grew from 21 teams in 1994 to 50 teams at the height of its success.

Nuuk Snow Fest gathered people from all kinds of backgrounds: public companies, educational institutions, private firms, families and friends. All gathered in teams to compete in the categories: Nonfigurative and Figurative. People from all over the world came to Nuuk from countries like the US, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Nuuk Snow Fest brings a communal feeling for both teams and visitors. The festival is the ideal place to go, for family trips and for the romantic first date. Nuuk Snow Fest is the place for everyone to have a good time.

I look forward to seeing you at Nuuk’s coziest winter festival!


Photo – Silas Brøns

Alberte Parnuuna Skifte

Projectmanager SNOW Festival, filmmaker, Nuummioq