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Where to stay at while in Nuuk

Photo – Peter Lindstrom , Visit Greenland

Nuuk city offers a broad variety of accommodation possibilities that can accommodate most needs when it comes to city stays.

From the simple, well placed and fully equipped apartments to the new boutique hotel in one of the upcoming areas. From the hostel on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea to the old refurbished hotel retaining the seamans stories from the past.

Going in to the fiord you will find fantastic getaways – camps and huts right in the middle of nature.

Have a look through the accommodation possibilities, mark the hearts  and create your own personalized list of where to stay by clicking My List in the top right corner.


My list is your personalized list of where to stay when you are in Nuuk. By clicking the hearts while looking through the listing below you can save your interest and create the map of your stay. The overview is created through google and therefor dependent on the information provided by the company behind it.

Local tips: Gastronomy


Nuuk ‘Hangover foods”

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What is mattak? Mattak is the traditional food of the Arctic and a Greenlandic delicacy…
qooqqut-nuan-staff-smiling-in-kitchen - fish & dish boat tour. Photo by Sebastian Lindholm Reiding, Visit Nuuk

Fish & Dish

The Fish & Dish boat tour may just be a dream come true during your…

Family vacations

Nuuk is the perfect place to bring your family, we offer are wide range of experiences that are enjoyable for all ages

Are you considering a family visit to Nuuk? Here are fun and kid-friendly activities in Nuuk.

Photo – Filip Gielda

Local tips: Practical Tips


Looking for an overview of December activities in Nuuk? Visit Nuuk got you!

Looking for an overview of December activities in Nuuk? Visit Nuuk got you!
Culture & History

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3 hiking spots near Nuuk

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Urban & Nature lifestyle

Nuuk is the perfect mix of old traditions and modern living, a place where you can go to cafés, sail to the icefjord and be home for tapas on the same day.

As Nuumiuts we love to travel the world and the fjords, but most of us would never miss a hunting season at home. Nature is a big part of our modern urban living, and our tour providers will take you with us, to experience what we love most about Nuuk. Experience everything from kajaking, deep-sea-fishing, arctic settelments, our facinating wild-lige and much much more

Photo – Mads Pihl , Visit Greenland

Meet Locals

Read about the people that live in Nuuk, and who knows you might run into them while you’re here!

Bibi Chemnitz

Fashion brand owner

"BIBI CHEMNITZ is an iconic Inuk streetwear meets outdoor designer. Born and raised in Kalaallit Nunaat, she knows the importance of durable fashion that lasts season after season."

Frederik Elsner


"Frederik Elsner is one of the most popular Greenlandic pop singers, both with his band, “Nanook” and his solo project F. He writes his own songs and sings in Greenlandic, with a voice that people of all kinds of nationalities resonate with even if they don’t understand the words."