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Nightlife in Nuuk - where to go out

Photo – Jessie Brinkman Evans, Visit Greenland

Explore the lively nightlife of Nuuk, bars, concerts, cultural events this is where you find it

Being a small metropolitan city Nuuk has quite a few bars and venues to offer – each one of them with their individual flavors. From the top floor Skyline Bar offering drinks and live music to the old pub serving good local brewed beer in the dark – Nuuk has it all. Be prepared to meet the locals and have fun.


My list is your personalized list of what to do & See when you are in Nuuk. By clicking the hearts while looking through the listing below you can save your interest and create the map of your stay. The overview is created through google and therefore dependent on the information provided by the company behind it.

Local tips: Culture & history


Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival 2023

Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival is a week long celebration of arts and culture in all…
Culture & History

Santa lands in Nuuk

Did you know santa lands in the capital of Greenland Nuuk in a red helicopter?…
Polar_bear_sculpture_Nuuk_snow_photo_cebastian rosing_2022
Culture & History

Nuuk Snow Festival

 Photo - Cebastian Rosing - Réne Design Are you looking for fun winter activities for…

Events happening in Nuuk

What is happening in Nuuk now and in the future

Photo – Serena Ho , Visit Greenland

Local tips: Experienced by travellers


Adventure in Nordafar

Nordafar was a place of industrial fishing created by Norwegians (Nor!), Danes (da!) and Faroese…
A couple hiking around Nuuk fjord. Photo - Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk
Experienced by travellers

Hiking in the Nuuk Fjord

Whether you are an experienced hiker, or a total newbie, the following article will provide…
qooqqut-nuan-staff-smiling-in-kitchen - fish & dish boat tour. Photo by Sebastian Lindholm Reiding, Visit Nuuk

Fish & Dish

The Fish & Dish boat tour may just be a dream come true during your…

Hangover food in Nuuk

Need to know where to get hangover food in Nuuk? This page has some great suggestions of where you could go to satisfy your cravings.

Bibi Chemnitz

Fashion brand owner

"BIBI CHEMNITZ is an iconic Inuk streetwear meets outdoor designer. Born and raised in Kalaallit Nunaat, she knows the importance of durable fashion that lasts season after season."

Meet Locals

Read about the people that live in Nuuk, and who knows you might run into them while you’re here!

Frederik Elsner


"Frederik Elsner is one of the most popular Greenlandic pop singers, both with his band, “Nanook” and his solo project F. He writes his own songs and sings in Greenlandic, with a voice that people of all kinds of nationalities resonate with even if they don’t understand the words.