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Arctic Boat Charter

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Tailored boat chartering built on experience, knowledge and a welcoming feeling. Spacious vessel with room for 12 passengers.


Arctic Boat Charter


Asiarpak 12A



+299 53 38 80





Arctic Boat Charter is currently offering the following activities:

Tailored boat chartering showing you the wild side of Nuuk.

Arctic Boat Charter A/S can take you up and down the vast coasts of Greenland, or take you through the beautiful Greenlandic fiords both with speed and precision. As you travel aboard their Targa 37+ named STERNA, you will be seated in its beautiful heated salon fitted with high-back adjustable seats aimed for comfort and a 360 view perfect for interests in icebergs, whale watching or feasting one’s eyes on the fiords. 

If you are looking for specific trips, business tours to a certain town to see the sights or do business inspection. To go on a whale safari, watch as they pierce the waters edge, jumping into the air above and again flash their tail when diving back into the blue. Go fishing for arctic cod or redfish, maybe even halibut if you are lucky. To go hunting for ptarmigan in their white winter coats. Arctic Boat Charter A/S can arrange for any services you might need. Their large and growing network of providers can help you tailor the trip you want, Arctic Boat Charter is Always Best Choice.

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