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Asimut Tours & Camp

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle

Accommodation in beautiful Kapisillit. Asimut Tours & Camp provide different lodgings, from 2 person cabins to large houses.


Asimut Tours & Camp





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Asimut Camp



Asimut Tours & Camp is currently offering the following activities:

Asimut Tours & Camp is the unique opportunity to rent a small village or cabins in beautiful Kapisillit, a settlement located in Nuuk Fiord.

Within the lovely settlement Kapisillit you will find an abundance of opportunities to either go hiking or go fishing. At the center you will find a small shop, the multi-purpose town hall and different services like access to hot showers. The area surrounding the camp has stunning scenery, with housing on steep vertical hills overlooking the incredible fiords.

Kapisillit offer great opportunities to go fishing. Kapisillit is West-Greenlandic and can be translated to salmon, which is what you will most likely find in these waters, and one of the only places in Greenland where salmon migrate.

If you choose to go hiking there are several paths to take, either going inland hiking to either the Ameralik Fiord or the Polar ice cap or climbing the mountain Pingu (West-Greenlandic for: elevation).

Visit in the winter and have front row seats from the cabins, at the mysterious arctic lights aurora borealis.

Asimut Tours & Camp, your friends in Kapisillit.


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