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Camp Itivi

Photo – Camp Itivi Website

If you want to experience nature up close, and at the same time sleep in a good bed and have food served, then Camp Itivi is just the right place. Everything is provided here, so all you need is to enjoy the fantastic tranquility that surrounds the cabins. The only sounds are the crackling of the icebergs out on the water and the sparrows chirping in the endless nature as far as the eye can see.


Camp Itivi


3900 Nuuk



+299 27 77 69


@Camp itivi


Placering og Sejlads til Camp Itivi

Close to the ice cap at the bottom of Nuuk Fjord, Camp Itivi is located, protected from wind and weather by mountains on three sides, with an open view of the fjord where the icebergs from the ice fjord slowly slide past.

The icebergs find their way with the tide into the fjord in front of the camp, and smaller chunks of ice beach along the water’s edge at low tide, so every morning has its own new breathtaking view.

Here the Inuits, sailing in their kayaks on their way to hunt, and later the northerners, came to the bottom of the fjord, where they could most easily walk over the lowest point on the ridge; “Itivi” – the transition point.

The experience already starts on the way into the fjord, where you sail in an open boat wearing survival suits, ski goggles and a life jacket.

Photo – Camp Itivi

Photo – Camp Itivi

Photo – Camp Itivi

A conscious choice to give guests the experience of being close to nature. On the way you can see waterfalls on the mountain sides, icebergs and a rich bird life.

If you’re lucky, you can also meet both seals and whales, and the captain points out what there is to see, if you don’t spot the seals that dive quickly, or the eagle that soars high above its nest.

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