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Greenland Escape

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Destination management, events, activities, tours, transportation, accommodation, program logistics and VIP services. Shuttle services able to carry 15-57 passengers.


Greenland Escape


Nuukkulak 32, 1 TV



+299 38 40 40



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Greenland Escape is currently offering the following activities:

Greenland Escape is a company with family values, trusting and knowing that everyone of their employees are capable of taking great care of your needs during your stay here in Nuuk.

Greenland Escape offer shuttle services, destination management, logistical solutions, accommodation while in Nuuk, and lastly a shop; Greenland Gifts, where it is possible to purchase Greenlandic souvenirs.

As for the shuttle options, Greenland Escape has you covered with two different solutions. The first being the luxurious minibus Mercedes Benz Sprinter package, serving up to 15 guests. If you are in need of something larger, Scania Omniexpress is their modern coach, essentially your very own bus, serving groups from 47 to 57 guests. Both options have high emphasis on comfort and spaciousness, providing adjustable seating and racks for luggage. Both vehicles are equipped with tinted windows, offering a bit of privacy when taking in the scenery during drives.

Greenland Escape believes in cooperation, tailored tours during your stay that accommodates your needs and wants. With their large network spanning all ground based services in Nuuk, transportation, hotel accommodation, activities, excursions, themed events and more, even working with translation to ensure clean communication with locals.

Logistical solutions is also in the Greenland Escape vocabulary, offering a range of port services in the capital of Greenland. Services such as port agency, air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, distribution, express courier services and other special needs that might require a more tailored option.

During your stay here in Nuuk, you might want a place to hang up your feet after a long day, a place to call your own. Accommodation is also a place where Greenland Escape can provide. Hotel Aurora, Nuuk City Hostel, Kulukis Downtown Hostel and also private lodging in apartments situated around Nuuk are possibilities.

Whatever you may need, your friends at Greenland Escape will provide.


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