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Greenland Explorer

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Boat chartering and Disko Bay tour organizing. Large vessel able to carry up to 80 passengers.


Arctic Boat Charter


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Greenland Explorer is currently offering the following activities:

Greenland Explorer is at the top when it comes to sailing the waters of Greenland.

Their specialty being a 7 day Disko Bay tour. Experience everything from whale and seal sightings to excursions that take you out to experience the enormous icebergs. Memories that will last you a lifetime.

Aboard Greenland Explorer’s vessel Kisaq (West-Greenlandic for anchor) you will find the most capable crew, a crew you can trust, a crew that will guide you through what it means to travel the way Greenlandic Inuit do.

Every day, a unique experience. Your first couple days will be spent seeing the beautiful sights of Ilulissat, the old all wood Zion’s church in its red colors, the boardwalk and architectural structures, the stunning Ilulissat Icefjord Center along the World Heritage Trail.

On the 3rd day travel to Eqip Sermia, a vast glacier dwarfing even some mountains with its height. Eqip Sermia is one of the worlds largest calving glaciers, meaning that sometimes big chunks of ice crack and fall off, creating huge waves, the birth of an iceberg.

On the 4th day visit Qullissat, an abandoned mining settlement now turned ghost town. Get a glimpse into the once busy town housing more than 1600 people, now housing noone. A town at its time of closing affected not only the whole population, but all of Greenland, a famous song, of the same name, has been written about this place by famous Greenlandic band Sumé, of colonization and anger. Qullissat a settlement of importance.

On the 5th day visit Kuannit (West-Greenlandic for angelica), a secret place known to Greenland Explorer and now soon known also to you. Eat angelica fresh from the soil, get a taste of Greenland.

On the 6th day you will get to experience the beautiful marine mammals of Greenland as you go on an exciting whale safari. Near the city of Aasiaat is where you will be brought. Experience the mysterious phenomenon of jumping whales, and get to greet curious whales.

On the last day return to Ilulissat, today you will be spending time going between enormous icebergs, some huge, some small, some in weird shapes, some with holes and some, where the sun hits it just right, showing you all the hues of nature’s deep blue.

As you travel with your capable crew, you might get convinced, why Greenland Explorer believes that the best way to experience Greenland is by water. Water is the source of life, and a source of travel, and will be your source to exploring Greenland.


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