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Greenland National Museum And Archives

Greenland National Museum And Archives

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Greenland National Museum is Greenland’s largest cultural history museum. The Museum preserves the Greenlandic history and our objects, art and images are from all over the country. A visit to the National Museum is a glimpse into all the cultures that have existed in the country from the earliest people to modern the Greenland society


Greenland National Museum And Archives


Hans Egedesvej 8



+299 322611




Greenland National Museum And Archives is currently offering the following activities:

Greenland’s National museum and Archives has a very wide range of experiences that show different angles of Greenland’s history from ancient stories to today’s historical events.

The collections of Greenland National Museum cover the entire 4,500 years of the history of Greenland. Explore unique ethnographic and archaeological collections from throughout Greenland in our fascinating, permanent exhibitions.

At Greenland National Museum you can focus on a single exhibition or spend hours exploring our entire fascinating collections.

You can experience prehistoric Greenland and the Stone Age people of the past: the Saqqaq, Independence, Greenland Dorset and Late Dorset cultures, the oldest of which arrived in Greenland 4,500 years ago. Due to their skillfully made stone tools, all of these cultures belong to the Arctic Small Tool Tradition.

You can also experience our unique ethnographic collections from Ammassalik and Avanersuaq from 1880-1920 in the exhibition Thule Culture – New People in Greenland. The exhibition includes the famous 15th century mummies from Qilakitsoq in northwest Greenland, as well as the well-preserved Pearyland Umiaq – the oldest virtually intact skin boat in the world.

The National Museum also has a large collection of Inuit methods of transport, including numerous skin boats and dog sledges. In addition, the museum has an extensive collection of art and photography. The late colonial period is primarily represented by traditional Greenlandic dress and small pockets in time that provide insight into the history and environment of Greenland past. Greenland’s cultural heritage is further explored in our extensive programme of temporary exhibitions.

The collections of the National Archives consist of both the archives of state institutions and authorities, as well as a range of private archives. The archives are comprised primarily of documents, but in some cases also include photographs, maps, sound recordings, and films. Below are examples of what you can find in the extensive collections of the National Archives.

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Greenland’s National Museum & Archives is one of the most coordinated experiences created on the basis of Greenlandic history.

The museum has created Greenlandic history into a living experience, which helps to relive various annual events and different forms of developing culture through Greenlandic history.

Here, the special thing about the museum is that Greenlandic history becomes conscious on the basis of the physical evidence for the historical timeline.

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

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