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Guide to Greenland

Photo – Peter Yan, Visit Greenland

Guide to Greenland is an online portal conveying and selling tours from a variety of different operators in Nuuk. Looking through their tours you will get a broad view of what the region has to offer


Guide to Greenland


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Guide to Greenland, responsible tourism

With ‘Guide to Greenland,’ you will get a perfect bird’s-eye view of all the tours and
will be able to choose your trip or tailor multiple tours together to form your perfect
adventure in beautiful Greenland.
Whether you are looking for a guided tour of Nuuk, you can find everything here to
visit all the sights, go hiking and be in the presence of Quasussuaq (Lille Malene)
and Ukkusissaq (Store Malene), our largest mountains within walking distance from
the City of Nuuk. Even if you want to get a close-up of our landmark, Sermitsiaq,
everything is possible.

Guide to Greenland’s office is based in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk. It is centrally
located if you need their assistance.

Guide to Greenland want to show you everything there is in Greenland and in the capital Nuuk, and they do this with a responsible mindset.

Respecting nature and the Greenlandic culture is always on their mind when managing the tours or places you want to visit. The Greenlandic nature is fragile, therefore every tour provided by your friends at Guide to Greenland has a green mindset.


“Local Tips” section offers practical advice and insider knowledge from Nuuk’s residents to help visitors navigate the city like a local.