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Kang Tourism

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Private boat tours in the fiords surrounding Nuuk. Vessel can carry up to 8 passengers. Accommodation in Qoornoq, Eqaluit Paarliit and Nuuk.


Kang Tourism





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Kang Tourism is currently offering the following activities:

A selection of tours for the outdoorsy type.

Kang Tourism offers a beautiful hiking trip from Kangerluarsunnguaq (Kobbefjorden), a place located just behind Ukkusissaq (Store Malene) to Nuuk. You will start by boat into the fiord, a two-in-one boat, and then return by hiking. The hiking trip is approximately 5-8 hours, depending on fitness level and amount of stops. It is worth it to capture the sights of Greenland’s beautiful nature and wildlife.

If sailing is what you want to do, then Kang tourism can offer you two options. The first option is traveling by an open boat to get a feel of the breeze and bites of the arctic wind in the Labrador sea. The second option is to travel in a closed boat. This can be comfortably done with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa in hand.

Kang Tourism works in close relationship with Kang Skicenter, they can offer cabins to rent in the areas around Kangerluarssunguaq, it is all possible with your friends from Kang Tourism. If finding accommodation in the city of Nuuk is more in line with your interests, you may want to visit the historical buildings and experience arctic city life and lifestyle, Kang Tourism can help you with all your travel needs.


“Local Tips” section offers practical advice and insider knowledge from Nuuk’s residents to help visitors navigate the city like a local.