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Nomad Greenland

Photo – Melody Adams, Visit Greenland

Remote luxury camping in the fiords of Nuuk. Tailored adventures in the Greenlandic wilderness. Experience a nomadic Inuit lifestyle.


Nomad Greenland


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Personalized retreat, tailor your own arctic adventure.

Nomad Greenland, the crown of arctic tourism. A responsible and adaptable glamping experience that takes you beyond the boundaries of Nuuk and into the breathtaking Greenlandic wilderness.

At your destination Kiattua – our tropical place – you will find your camp of luxury, a retreat in the remote. Nestled deep between beautiful snaking fiords, has left this place untouched and unknown to the urban.

From your arrival to your departure, a native Greenlandic guide will be your host, together tailor your own paradise at the top of the world, in the Greenlandic wilderness, completely secluded from civilization. Embraced by giants, the mountains, experience what it means to have lived in the fiords of Greenland. A tailor made trip that fits your interests, your physical capabilities. Kayaking and paddleboarding between enormous icebergs, fishing in the crystal clear waters brimming with cod, halibut, redfish and other food fish, foraging for angelica, arctic thyme, wild mushrooms and an abundance of other herbs and edible berries. All of this and more is possible.

Open only a set period every year, for 12 guests at a time, Nomad Greenland is a luxury retreat with emphasis on preservation. Setting up camp and taking it back down, leaving no trace of human activity, ensures that the fragile environment can be kept for generations. Working together with the local community, Nomad Greenland makes sure that everyone benefits from the experience. 

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