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Nuuk Adventours

Photo – Christian P. Jerimiassen, Nuuk AdvenTours

They specialize in Nuuk hiking trips. The experienced local guides from Nuuk Adventours possess a vast knowledge of hiking in Greenland.


Nuuk Adventours


Paarnat 26 - 001



+299 59 72 59




Nuuk Adventours is currently offering the following activities:

Nuuk AdvenTours is your tour operator, if you want to get an amazing hiking experience in the wild nature and fiords of Nuuk

The local tour guide will take you through the sights and show you what makes the capital of Greenland so amazing, sights you will only experience with the expertise of Nuuk Adventours. Their specialty is hiking. They have carefully created hiking trips that take you to either Kapisillit ice fjord or around the majestic mountain, Ukkusissaq (Store Malene). The hike is about 24 kilometers. During the hike, there will be different types of crossings that include ropes and cliff crossings.

This hike is meant for more experienced and intermediate hikers. Remember to bring the essentials of bottled water, power bars, and what else you might want for your hike. A good tip is to always wear layers, the weather and temperature can change rapidly, and the ability to adapt quickly on the fly can be a lifesaver.

Nuuk Adventours is there for you to meet your nature sightseeing needs. They are ready to share the Greenlandic nature and culture with you.

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