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Nuuk Art Museum

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Greenland is BRIMMING with talented artists and original artwork, and one of the best places for art lovers is the Nuuk Art Museum.
The museum is approximately 600 square meters and includes a large new extension with changing exhibitions. The permanent collection is primarily of works collected by Svend and Helene Junge Pedersen. The permanent exhibition includes an extensive collection of historic art as well as a collection of more recent art from artists such as Simon Kristoffersen, Miki Jacobsen, Buuti Pedersen, Hans Lynge, Anne-Birthe Hove and Pia Arke. Additionally the museum exhibits a great collection of carvings in soapstone, bone, wood, and ivory from all around Greenland. Some times the museum offers art talks and you can find an Art Walk which will take you around the art in the city of Nuuk


Nuuk Art Museum


Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5



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Nuuk Art Museum is currently offering the following activities:

Nuuk Art Museum has some special paintings of the romanticized Greenlandic nature of Emanuel A. Petersen’s paintings which have been collected by the then owner Svend Junge.

Nuuk Art Museum was inaugurated the 22nd of May on the founder Svend Junges 75th birthday. The museum was a gift to citizens of Nuuk donated by Svend Junge (1930-2007) and his wife Helene Junge Pedersen (1933-2018). In the deed of gift dated 15.08.2005 it was proclaimed that the museum should be handed over to the municipality, Nuuk Kommune (today Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq), by the death of Svend Junge. This donation also included the couples comprehensive collection of art withholding figures of tusk, stone and tooth, paintings, sketches and graphic art. Especially the Danish painter Emanuel A Petersen (1894-1948) and his romantic paintings of the spectacular Greenlandic nature are represented in the collection with a large number of paintings. The art works were primarily bought at European Action Houses while the couple lived in Greenland.

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle – Visit Nuuk

Nuuk Art museum is a place where you have the opportunity to experience different forms of the Greenlandic art and culture.

Here you can, among other things, experience different paintings of Greenland’s nature and differences around the country, including sculptures made by different artists.

The Art museum also produces exhibitions from various artists from the interior or artists from abroad.


“Local Tips” section offers practical advice and insider knowledge from Nuuk’s residents to help visitors navigate the city like a local.