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Nuuk Local Museum/ Nuutoqaq Katersugaasivik

Nuuk Local Museum/ Nuutoqaq Katersugaasivik

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The museum opened to the public in January 2017, and is placed in Nuuks beautiful old harbour, where it is housed in an old boatyard.


Nuuk Local Museum


Hans Egedesvej 29/B-234



+299 366031


@Nuutoqaq/Nuuk Lokalmuseum



Nuuk Local Museum is currently offering the following activities:

The Permanent Exhibition
The museum focuses on conveying the time from the 1950s onwards, a time when Nuuk really became Greenland’s capital. The museum is designed as an atmospheric space, with objects that bring recognition and memories to mind, especially for slightly older visitors.


The museum holds various events for all ages, and wants to convey and give an experience of the local history. We hold exhibitions, lectures, outdoor activities and much more.

“Kulturrygsækken – a school service” is a coordinating school service organization that supports the local cultural institutions and artists in the development of educational services for schools. The aim is to reach school pupils with creative and cultural teaching offers in their everyday school life.

In addition, the Culture Backpack consists of a Culture Backpack Network. It consists of interested actors in the field and is a mixture of mediators at the cultural institutions, artists and teachers.

The cultural backpack is coordinated by Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq. The coordinator is from the municipality’s Events and Culture Department, and the coordinator keeps track of the collaboration between schools, cultural institutions and artists.

Workshops for children
We hold creative workshops for children on the last Sunday of the month. On our Facebook and Instagram page you can find information about which activities are planned. It is free to join.

Photo – Nuuk Local Museum – Homepage

Photo – Nuuk Local Museum – Homepage

Photo – Nuuk Local Museum – Homepage

Niels Lynges Hus is open to the public by appointment. Niels Lynge’s house at Gertrud Raskvej 24 is a typical self-build house built in 1950.
It belonged to the priest Niels Lynge, who was also a well-known painter and poet.
The house stands as it did when it was inhabited by Niels Lynge and his family, and a visit to the house gives an original insight into a private home from the 1950s and a few years later. It is an unusual and beautiful experience to enter Niels Lynge’s House. The living room and kitchen are a window into a time pocket that many can still remember, and which gives many of the house’s guests a feeling of traveling back to their childhood or youth. The house was large in relation to the period, with plenty of room for Pastor Niels Lynge (1880-1965), his second wife Karoline (1906-1989), and the couple’s two youngest daughters. Prior to that, he had spent a long life in the church’s service in South and Central Greenland as a priest and leader of various organisations. Niels Lynge’s house was opened to the public in 1995.

The museum shop:

Nuutoqaq Lokalmuseum’s museum shop has an exciting selection of products produced by Nuuk’s own locals. Come and have a look at our exciting selection of products to buy a unique gift for either one of your loved ones or yourself, while supporting Nuuk’s local artists and entrepreneurs.


“Local Tips” section offers practical advice and insider knowledge from Nuuk’s residents to help visitors navigate the city like a local.