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Nuuk Water Taxi A/S

Photo – Stine Selmer Andersen,Visit Greenland

Private boat charter in the beautiful fiords surrounding Nuuk. Tailored tours with local experience and knowledge. Glamping at the beautiful Camp Kangiusaq.


Nuuk Water Taxi A/S


Imaneq 27



+299 38 87 77





Nuuk Water Taxi A/S is currently offering the following activities:

Nuuk Water Taxi A/S is a great way to experience what is outside of Nuuk

Nuuk Water Taxi A/S offers a wide range of trips and tours. There is something for every type of adventure, and there will also be something for you. You can visit other settlements in the fiord, Qooqqut, Qoornoq, or Kangeq all located in Nuuk Fiord. Travel the Icefiord north of Nuuk, see the truly enormous icebergs, go puffin watching just south of Nuuk, or whale watching. All things are possible with Nuuk Water Taxi.

Nuuk Water Taxi can also provide other water adventure options. They offer multiple different kayaking tours and a kayak school option, alongside Stand up paddleboarding (SUP). They have something for everyone.

Maybe you want to go camping in the fiords but don’t want to necessarily ‘rough it.’ You are in luck! The glamping site ‘Camp Kangiusaq’ is there to welcome you. The tents are placed on wooden decks, furnished with large comfortable beds. You’ll wake up refreshed to the pure arctic air, and enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea along with the most amazing view. Enjoy Camp Kangiusaq with its beauty, silence, and serenity. Nuuk Water Taxi A/S your friends in the arctic waters.


“Local Tips” section offers practical advice and insider knowledge from Nuuk’s residents to help visitors navigate the city like a local.