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Two Ravens

Photo – Aningaaq R. Carlsen, Visit Greenland

Hiking in the wilderness behind Nuuk. Local guides with unparalleled experience of Nuuk’s backcountry.


Two Ravens


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Two Ravens is currently offering the following activities:

There are miles of untamed wilderness, a world of undiscovered wonder that exists the instant you step outside the city limits of Greenland’s capital, Nuuk.

Let Two Ravens take you there. They consist of a couple of local outdoorsmen, who have lived their lives wandering Greenland’s backyard.

On a hiking journey with Two Ravens, you will discover the secrets of the Greenlandic wilderness. The stories are shared during hikes on the high mountains and your own story will begin to take shape. These stories and memories frame your adventure on the biggest island in the world, Greenland.

Two Ravens offer a variety of tours that take you exploring the highs and lows in Nuuk’s backyard. Strap on your hiking boots and summit Quassussuaq, in the winter they offer the trip by snowshoes, a unique experience walking atop the snow like the old Inuits used to do. Experience Inuit food culture, tasting the local flora and fauna while cozying up in your tent, taking in the stories of hunters and their prey as they are told by the Two Raven guides.

Together with Two Ravens you will see the beauties that surround the city of Nuuk. Endless possibilities and challenges in the wilderness, and when you get here, you and Two Ravens can begin shaping your story.


“Local Tips” section offers practical advice and insider knowledge from Nuuk’s residents to help visitors navigate the city like a local.