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Vacation in Nuuk with children

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Vacation in Nuuk with children

Photo – Filip Gielda

Are you considering a family visit to Nuuk? The following Nuuk activities are fun and kid-friendly.

Malik Swimming Pool

A popular place among local kids and grownups alike, Malik Swimming Pool is a definite must if you are visiting Nuuk with your kids. The view is spectacular and you’re certain to have a good time in the pool. Afterward you may want to enjoy a snack in the canteen. The prices for kids vary between weekdays and weekend, adult entry is 50kr.

Avi’s Play World

Avi’s Legeland (which is a new addition to Nuuks playscape), is an indoor playground for kids It offers a lot of physical activity: labyrinths, climbing, swings, and a ball area. Parents aren’t allowed inside the playground but you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the “adult area” while the kids play. Prices vary from 39 dkk to 99 dkk per hour per child.


This beautiful area is located near the ski lift (near the airport). You can find a small lake and a large wooden shelter built by one of the local kids’ after school clubs. There’s lots of space to run around, play and hike. If you and your family are into hiking you can try going to the top of Quassussuaq. It’s a local favourite because of its stunning views combined with the accessibility for people of all fitness levels!. You can read more about the hike here.

Colonial Harbour Beach

One of Nuuk’s well known areas is the Colonial Harbour Beach. Its ocean front view, the salty air and the sounds of waves crashing is nothing short of spectacular. You can experience this or you can continue on a walk or a museum tour from there. The Café Toqqorfik, is a short walk from the beach. They sell ice cream and other café goods to warm your heart.

Horses in Nuuk

Horses in Nuuk in Qinngorput, (another area in Nuuk), you’ll find eight beautiful Icelandic horses owned by VISKA Horses.

You can book a horseback riding tour with them and enjoy the lush Arctic scenery. It is recommend to message them via Facebook to inquire about their availability.

The Library

The Nuuk public library is always a good place to visit. It is located in the heart of Nuuk and it is completely free. They have an endless amount of books and play areas for kids. Even better, it is one of the few place that provides ‘free wifi,’ in Nuuk city center.

Nature is everywhere

All of the natural surroundings of Nuuk are a playground for kids of all ages. There’s no such thing as private land in Kalaallit Nunaat, so you and your kids can play, climb and run wherever your heart desires.


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