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Nuuk before and now


Nuuk before and now

 Photo – Oscar Scott Carl – Visit Nuuk

We’ve delved into Arctic Institute’s fantastic archive of historical photos from Nuuk and captured images of how the exact same locations look today. 

Nuuk is a metropolis. A small one, perhaps the world’s smallest, but that’s how we see ourselves. As a city of opportunities and international significance. A city where we learn from the past to create the future. It doesn’t always succeed, but it is always the goal. Every other year, the entire future of Greenland is discussed at the Future Greenland conference. Here, people from all types of industries and politicians meet for conversations and discussions about what Greenland’s future looks like and how we should move forward together.

Future Greenland 2024 has just taken place in Nuuk. In this context, we have delved into old photos from Nuuk, comparing them with present-day images. What the photos, and particularly the differences between them, tell us depends on the viewer. We can’t and won’t define your perspective on these images, but something interesting happens within us when we see pictures like these. Local Nuuk residents reflect on their city and perhaps form new impressions of it. Visitors gain a unique insight into the city’s development.

We always encourage people to know their hometown as well as possible and for visitors to understand the history of the place they are visiting. Let these photos serve as a reminder of the importance of understanding and being interested in history.

If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Nuuk, you can visit the National Museum, the Nuuk Local Museum, and the Nuuk Art Museum, each offering a unique insight into a part of the history.

Oscar Scott Carl

Visual Storyteller, Visit Nuuk