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Nuuk on a budget

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Nuuk on a budget

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk

Travelling to the capital of Greenland is no small financial feat. You may have heard horror stories of extortionate prices in Greenland in general, but with a bit of financial planning, you will be able to manage a trip to fit your budget. Here are a couple of tips from locals and tourists:


One of the three major grocery stores, Brugseni is the red brand and building. The other is Pisiffik, which their signage is blue and Akiki is the yellow store. There are store branches in different locations of the general Nuuk area, but the big Brugseni in the center is your budget’s best friend. Brugseni sells everything from groceries, and toys, to outdoor wear, skin care products, and furniture. It is a two-story all-on-one store for any consumer on a budget. If you arrive in Nuuk in the summer and need gloves, Brugseni is your answer. If you forgot your fishing gear, Brugseni is your answer.

Tip: there’s also a budget-friendly cafe on the top floor, where lots of locals sit and people watch while munching on their foods.

Photo – Brugseni Facebook Page

Getting on the ocean

There are many different operators when it comes to taking a journey to the fiord (check them out here). While it may be a bit costly to get on those nature trips, there are a few options that are budget-friendly and will get you on that ocean.

Tip: it is definitely worth your time to go on a boat trip while you are in Nuuk. Nothing compares to getting out on the ocean. It is a pure dream.

Photo – Aningaaq R. Carlsen, Visit Greenland


If you’re staying in a place with a kitchen or kitchenette and you want to get some budget-friendly groceries then your best option is Akiki. The name literally means something along the lines of cheap goods, which lives up to according to Greenlandic standards.

Tip: get your favorite Icelandic chocolate-covered licorice goods at Akiki. They import a lot of groceries from our Nordic neighbors.

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk

The Hunters Market

Near Colonial Harbour from HJ Rinksvej street, you can take a left turn and discover the local Hunters Market. This is where our incredibly skilled hunters and fishermen sell their freshly caught goods. You will find seasonal caribou, whale, seal, fish, and just about anything an Inuk heart (and stomach) desires. This is a perfect place to get fresh meat to prepare yourself. Shopping for your protein is affordable and THE most sustainable option for the environmentally aware consumer! The hunters don’t always speak English, so here are a few hunter-friendly words: caribou is tuttu (dud-du). Seal is puisi (bu-ee-see). Herring is eqaluk (e-kra-look).

Tip: Bring cash! (Danish kroner)

We hope that this helps you plan your trip to Nuuk on a budget! If you want to read about a couple of low cost activities, read this ‘guide to free activities in Nuuk.’


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