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Dive deeper into the local culture through the Nuuk Stories section. All the stories you are about to read aim to provide you with the most authentic perspectives on what our home has to offer. We hope that these stories enhance your knowledge and expectations of Nuuk today and shed light on how the city is developing in the future.
Nuuk is the perfect mix of old traditions and modern living, a place where you can go to cafés, sail to the icefjord and be home for tapas on the same day.
Explore the majestic Nuuk Fjord, one of the world’s largest, through diverse hiking experiences. From leisurely strolls near Nuuk to multi-day adventures, discover the fjord’s grandeur with expert insights from Two Ravens’ guide Thorlak.
Explore Nuuk effortlessly with our detailed city map, ready for instant download or print. It highlights key landmarks and sightseeing locations, enriching your Greenland adventure.