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7 Days in Nuuk for the luxury adventurers

June - September

Photo by Peter Lindstrom – Visit Greenland

A 7-day luxury adventure in Nuuk, featuring a fusion of cultural exploration, a glamping retreat amidst nature’s marvels, backcountry hiking, and culinary delights, all framed by the sublime serenity of Greenland from June to September.

Day 1

The very first taste of Nuuk

  • Settle in at hotel
  • City tour by foot or car – guided or by your self
  • Storytelling and tasting – get to know the greenlandic food tradition

Day 2, 3, 4

Revel in nature and enjoy the unforgettable quietness

  • Ice fiord cruise to the full-on glamping experience close to the ice cap. On the way see waterfalls, the oldest mountains, Norse ruins, icebergs, and wildlife. Pick up at 8 am. Arrival in camp 11 am.
  • Spend the days hiking, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, and listening to the local stories. All meals and activities are included.
  • Pick up in the late afternoon on day 4
  • Settle in at the hotel and enjoy a tasting menu at a local restaurant

The clamping experience can be upgraded to a high-end experience with fewer guests and gourmet food.

Day 5

Discover Greenlandic culture

  • Visit the National Museum – guided or by your self
  • Introduction to Greenlandic art at The National Art Gallery followed by a guided art walk around the city
  • Time by yourself to visit local crafts and design shops and enjoy citylife
  • Dinner in the cultural house Katuaq

Day 6

Hiking the Back Country

  • A guided hike in Nuuk Backcountry including lunch tasting on the top
  • Set out for a “Fish and dish – experience” in the evening. Catch your fish and have it served at the tiny fiord restaurant in Qooqqut

Day 7

Exploring Qoornoq

  • Fiord tour to the abandoned settlement Qoornoq (4 hours), Puffin Safari or the Island of hope
  • Enjoy the afternoon in a Spa / Sauna overlooking the fiord
  • Farwell dinner tasting menu at a local restaurant

In winter the glamping experience can be replaced with a back-country sleep, snowshoe hikes and cross country / heliskiing.

Possibilities to consider

Ajagaq – artworkshop

Katuaq – Nuuk Cultural House

Kittat – a workspace where the traditional Greenlandic costume is made

National Museum

National Theater

Nuuk Art Museum

Nuuttoqaq – Nuuk Local Museum

We have a great variety of tour operators specializing in giving our guests the best experience in the capital region. Please have a look at our website for an updated list of operators. The ones mentioned below are all relevant to the tours and activities described. They are listed alphabetically: