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Raining in Nuuk

 Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk

In Nuuk but it’s raining?

Here’s what to do on a rainy day in Nuuk. The capital of Greenland is notorious for its changing weather and while a lot of us like surprises, bad weather on vacation isn’t ideal. But perhaps it can be interesting. A rainy day in Nuuk can easily be filled with art, history, and culture. Here are four ideas for what to do if the weather is less than great on your trip to Nuuk:

Nuuk Art Museum

Greenland is BRIMMING with talented artists and original artwork, and one of the best places for art lovers is the Nuuk Art Museum. You can enjoy their year-round exhibition for free and/or you can choose to support the museum by visiting their temporary exhibition (30 kr. per adult). And if you are on a budget? Visit them for free on Thursdays!

Katuaq Cultural Center

Katuaq is a cultural hotspot in Nuuk. It includes a theater, and the center hosts hundreds of cultural events, conventions and festivals every year. Katuaq generally has free exhibitions and lots of open space for kids, so take a stroll and enjoy the atmosphere. If the rain continues, you may want to sit down at their restaurant and enjoy a coffee or a local classic meal such as the Dog Sled (an Inuk version of the hot dog!). Katuaq is a must see if the weather is good or bad, just drop in and walk around.

The National Museum of Greenland

The National Museum of Greenland provides awesome historical insight into the ways of Inuit dating back hundreds, and even thousands of years. Their most popular items on display are the world famous mummies from Qilakitsoq. It is an interesting sight to see. There are also plenty of other fun things to discover about the Inuit pre-colonisation. Entry is 30kr per adult in the summer season, but on Sundays, it is free entry.

Nuuk Local Museum

Only a stone’s throw away from the National Museum, you’ll find the Local Museum of Nuuk, also known as ‘Nuutoqaq.’ It provides insight into what Greenlandic homes and a life post-colonisation was like, with clothes and furniture as well as images and videos on display. Many people find it nostalgic to reminisce while strolling around the small, charming museum.

When the weather brightens during your visit to Nuutoqaq or the National Museum (Nuuk often feels like it has many seasons in just one day), you can step right outside and enjoy the beautiful view from the colonial harbour. You can even try your hand at paddleboarding with Nuuk Water Taxi. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could paddle out to an iceberg? It’s just one of many adventurous offerings here in Nuuk.


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