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Bådcharter Asiaq

Photo – Asiaq – Bådcharter

The name Asiaq came from my mother, Eleonora.


Arctic Boat Charter




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Asiaq is currently offering the following activities:

Asiaq can mean “one who sails to nature”.

The name Asiaq came from my mother, Eleonora.

Me and my siblings, as well as my parents have a messenger group. I asked them to make a name proposal for my future charter boat – and aired my thoughts to them, that it should preferably be something with nature. Then various suggestions came from my family. My mother’s proposal won – Asiaq. Her explanation that my boat is the “bridge” to get to nature, we must first sail with Asiaq before we get to nature.

Asiaq can mean “one who sails to nature”. I have worked with personnel management for many years – and I realized that I must do something about my dream, as I felt that I had done what I had to do as a manager. I want to work with something that makes me happy, so that I can become the best version of myself. I grew up in nature, where we sail a lot, and am in the cabin in the summer.

I myself have sailed for many years in my own boat. So I decided to start my own charter boat – because it is one of my life values to be out in nature – and I am driven by making my fellow humans happy – I love to show our beautiful nature. With my trips, my customers can count on/expect a safe – safe and experience-rich trip. With respect for nature, the sea and the weather, I plan my trips.

I offer both, charter trips and planned trips. We will focus more on planned trips for next season – so that it will be easier for customers (those coming from outside) to choose between.


Photo – Asiaq Bådcharter

Photo – Asiaq Bådcharter

Photo – Asiaq Bådcharter


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