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Grill & Pizzabar

Photo – Grill & Pizzabar

This, located in the heart of the city, spot is not just a pizzeria but also a versatile dining destination in Nuuk, Greenland, offering a diverse Grill Pizzabar menu that includes more than just pizza. It’s known among family restaurants in Nuuk for its cozy dining atmosphere where guests can either grab a quick takeout or sit down for a relaxed meal.
The menu features a variety of fast food favorites, from classic and French hot dogs to crispy fries. However, it’s the pizzas and the popular burgers that truly stand out, making it the go-to place where to eat pizza in Nuuk. Each burger is crafted to perfection, offering a juicy and delicious experience that complements their well-loved pizzas. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or a satisfying meal, this grill and pizza bar offers the best of comfort food in Nuuk.


Grill & Pizzabar


Kuussuaq 1, Nuuk


+299 32 59 01




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