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Boat touring and chartering around the fiords of Nuuk, and accommodation in the Ameralik Fiord. Immanuel can carry up to 27 guests. Camp Naalersitaq is able to carry 40-50 guests.




Augo Lyngesvej 7



+299 32 39 66





Immanuel is currently offering the following activities:

Boat chartering anywhere in the fiords of Nuuk

From Nuuk, Immanuel can take you on their specialty tour to Ameralik Fiord, the southeast of Nuuk. At the bottom of the Ameralik Fiord, Immanuel will show you camp Naalersitaq. A beautiful place to call your own, a place to share with friends or family, that houses up to 40-50 people at a time.

In the embrace of camp Naalersitaq is an infinite amount of bushes and berries, herbs, and other greens. The possibilities are endless for fishing, hunting, hiking or just relaxing in the sun. At the camp, you will find small rowing boats available at your leisure. Immanuel recommends using life vests when using these small row boats, and always having a capable rower aboard at all times. Safety first!

At the camp, a private janitor will be present to help you with any questions in regard to the camp. He is there to make sure that you all feel safe during your stay. Immanuel Boat Charter, your friends in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk.