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Sumut Greenland Aps

Photo – Sumut Greenland Aps 

We are dedicated to providing unforgettable Greenland expedition experiences tailored to your desires, whether for business or pleasure, all year round.


Sumut Greenland Aps


Tikiusaaq 6-101, 3900 Nuuk



+299 553490


@CREW Sumut Greenland


Sumut Greenland Aps


Sumut Greenland Aps is currently offering the following activities:

Sumut means “where to?” and thus also a question for you dear customer, where should we take you?

Sumut Greenland Aps is one of the tour agencies in Nuuk, specializing in unique and personalized adventures. Our offerings include boat tours under the mesmerizing Northern Lights, romantic sunset trips, family excursions to magnificent fjords, and thrilling ice fjord adventures. Each journey is crafted to ensure a memorable experience that will exceed your expectations.

Who are we?

A small boat charter company that offers an extensive selection of different tours. Do you dream of seeing the Northern Lights, or going on a romantic sunset trip, a family excursion to the magnificent fjords or an exciting ice fjord trip? We have the perfect trip for you.

Why choose us?

Our skilled crew and staff bring extensive experience and expertise to the table, making Sumut Greenland experiences not just trips, but transformative journeys. Safety, maintenance, and environmental stewardship are our top priorities, ensuring that every adventure with us is safe and respectful to the pristine nature of Greenland.

Experience and expertise: Skilled crew and staff who are experienced in boat charter business.

Safety, maintenance, and environment: Your safety is our highest priority. We maintain our boat to the highest standards and follow strict safety and environmental requirements.

Customer Service: Our goal is to make your trip comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. We work closely with you to understand your wishes and can tailor a unique sailing experience that meets your dreams and expectations.

The boat “Sikki”

Is a new and modern cabin and heated Targa 32, with everything within safety and comfort. There is room for 6 passengers, Toilet and space for luggage and deck space.


Coffee / tea / water. Other catering can be arranged upon booking.

Get in touch with us:

Regardless of whether you dream of exploring our fantastic nature, giant fjords or celebrating a special event, Sumut Greenland is here to fulfill your wishes.

Contact us today to start planning your next adventure.


For those seeking both thrill and beauty, Sumut Greenland tours offer a unique gateway into the heart of Greenland’s majestic landscapes. Each tour is carefully designed to highlight the best of the region, combining safety with adventure. Our tours are ideal for anyone passionate about adventure travel in Nuuk, offering experiences that range from tranquil fjord excursions to the exhilaration of navigating icy waters under the aurora-filled skies. At Sumut Greenland Aps, we ensure that your journey into the wild is not just a trip, but a transformative adventure that connects you deeply with the stunning environment of Greenland.


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