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Photo – Vandrehuset

Vandrehuset in Nuuk offers a range of accommodations, including Vandrehuset 2 and 3, which are conveniently located near the city center. These hostels provide a comfortable stay with options such as Wi-Fi in rooms, and selected rooms even feature a kitchen equipped with a fridge, a dishwasher, and an oven. The location is a highlight for guests, especially its proximity to local attractions and the ease of access to public transportation, with a bus stop just a short walk away. The hostels are also close to notable sites like the Nuuk Art Museum and Hans Egede Church. Additional amenities include a terrace bar and the option to rent a car on site, enhancing the convenience for travelers. The hostels boast a blend of comfort and practicality, catering to a variety of guests, from solo travelers to families.


Camp Kiattua


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