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Arctea & Arctic Sari Sari

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Arctea & Arctic Sari Sari Store

 Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk

Boba tea has come to Nuuk, and it is delicious!

What is boba tea? boba tea is an interesting drink with a very unique signature look, Bubble tea is originally a taiwanese drink that gained popularity in the 1980-ies, it is made by blending a tea base with different bases like juices and milk.

After blending the liquids together you add in the boba or bubbles as some people prefer calling it bubble tea.

Bobas pearls are made from tapioca, a starch from a root, the boba pearls are typically dipped in a sweetener that creates an extremely satisfying experience when enjoying your bubble tea.

The staff are always in a good mood, and you are always served with a smile at Arctea.

Stop by to try their many flavors of thirst quenching drinks ranging from peach to their popular northern lights honning melon tea to the perfect peach boba tea.


located in Nuukullak 35 in room 6

Google maps link

they share the room with arctic sari sari, creating a one stop shop for your hydration and snacking cravings.

They are open every day from 12-20

Arctea Facebook

Arctic Sari Sari

If you are looking to expand your culinary skills with an asian touch, or are you tired of eating the same snacks that you find in every store, Arctic Sari Sari is the place for you.

Sari Sari is in their own description translated to “variation” or “various”. and that is exactly what you will find

Here you will find an impressive assortment of ingredients for your cooking, like bao buns, dough for spring rolls and dumplings and even parts of fish that you didn’t even know you could buy in greenland.

When I stopped by to take pictures and see the store, they gathered a bag of their most popular goods for me like vegetable flavored rice crackers, mango cream filled marshmallows and the spiciest ramen experience that i have tried in my life.

If you are interested in learning more about the store they have a lively facebook community, where you can find offers and new products almost every day.

Sari Sari Group


Nuukullak 35 in room 6

Google Maps link

They are open every day from 12-20

Magnus Biilmann Trolle
Nuuk Destination Coordinator

Born and raised in Nuuk, photographer, musician