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Frederik Elsner

Frederik Elsner

 Photo – Abel Berthelsen

Frederik Elsner

Frederik Elsner is one of the most popular Greenlandic pop singers, both with his band, “Nanook” and his solo project F. He writes his own songs and sings in Greenlandic, with a voice that people of all kinds of nationalities resonate with even if they don’t understand the words.

Photo – Carlo Miki Lukassen

Photo – Gafa – DK

My favorite thing about Nuuk is…

The city is full of life and in constant motion. There’s so much to do here, but I love walking down to Colonial Harbour and strolling around the museums.

I love to eat at…

Tapasimut. I always order fish soup, gyoza, a hotdog and a mojito! Yum!

I buy my arts and crafts…

Directly from the artists in Nuuk.

If you want to try your hand at Greenlandic food…
I buy local food in Brugsen or Pisiffik and cook it at home.

Frederik Elsner

Photo – Magnus Biilmann Trolle, Visit Nuuk

My perfect day off in Nuuk…

I drive out of town with my partner and our son, so we can spend all day in nature. Myson loves it!

My best Nuuk outfit is…

I mostly shop in Nønne in Nuuk Center. They have a style that’s both modern and suits an Arctic lifestyle. Besides that, I almost always wear Poliver rubber boots and an Arcteryx jacket!

Frederik Elsner